Below you will find the different driving lesson options that you can take at Driving School Peter de Wekker.


For this option we have calculated the prices with a financial advantage for the student. A package contains an x ​​number of driving lessons including a practical exam with exam guarantee (with the exception of package A, B, and C)! The packages do not have to be paid in one go, but you can pay in 4 installments.

Before you start with the packages, you must take an intake lesson. During this intake lesson, one of our experienced instructors will assess which package suits your driving behavior. This intake lesson lasts 1.5 hours (90 min) and costs €65.00. Exam guarantee means that if you do not pass your exam in one go, you can do so at our expense. Ask for the conditions!

Losse rijlessen

With this option you take driving lessons and receive a lesson card after the first lesson. This contains all components that need to be covered and components that you have fully mastered, which will be signed off by your personal instructor. The agreements and payments are also noted here. After an x ​​number of driving lessons, your instructor will submit an exam request and you will then receive an exam date!

Refresher lessons

If you already have a driver’s license but you have not driven for a long time or, for example, you are afraid of getting behind the wheel after an accident or traumatic experience, we can support you with this. Book individual refresher lessons to get back to work. This can also be done in your own trusted car.